What we offer

Certificate in Small Business and Project Management

Want to start your own small business or need help developing and growing your existing business?

Learn from the experts. Our business courses cover every aspect of business startup, and managing your existing business more effectively to increase your profits. We also offer private customized business coaching.

Business in Aotearoa

Helping migrants to tap into a wealth of business opportunities in New Zealand

Each year more people are migrating to New Zealand from every corner of the globe. Migrants are often unaware of the unique small business opportunities in New Zealand and need help to start a business. We can assist you with every aspect of your business startup and provide sound investment advice.

Certificate Money Management

Need help to manage your finances?

Look no further. No matter how much or how little money you have – the secret is sound financial management. We also provide personalized financial management and budgeting services.

Learn English in New Zealand

Study English in New Zealand

Discover why more and more students from all over the world are choosing to study English in New Zealand. Opal offers foreign students a total package, including visa applications, accommodation, enrollment at one of New Zealand's prestigious English language schools and any advice and assistance you may need along the way.

Intercultural Awareness and Communication Training

Intercultural Awareness and Communication Training

Is your business or organization losing out simply because your management and staff can't meaningfully engage with the rich and diverse multicultural pool of genius and opportunity on it's doorstep? Click here for more

Leadership Training

Leadership Training

The most successful organizations throughout the world, both commercial and non-profit, have long realized that leaders must be grown, cultivated and nourished. Click here for more

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